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I’ve gotten so busy in the last couple of weeks I’ve not written any new posts in awhile, sorry. Every morning as I’m heading outside with my trusty camera in hand I’m saying to myself I’m going to update my blog tonight after dinner.  After dinner all I can think of is going to sleep, LOL.   Also been in a bit of a funk starting my 2nd gardening season after the death of my son.  Some days it’s just hard to put one foot in front of the other.

We finally had a break in the weather and I was able to get some chores done in my garden.  One of our dogs, the youngest, a pitbull mix, Henry is his name, undid everything I did in my garden.  I was very discouraged, and decided before I could do anymore work I’d have to find a way to keep him, and the other dogs, out of my garden.   I have tube gates at either end of my garden and they could step right thru.  In my shed I had some leftover horse fencing, so I took it out along with the sawhorses and laid the gates on the sawhorses and attached the fencing with zip ties.  Now it’s just me in the garden, which is kind of sad, but my work doesn’t get undone on a regular basis.  

The garden is coming along… peas are up and I need to get a trellis in there ASAP, lettuce is doing well, garlic is growing, growing, strawberries have flowers, there are 4 tomato plants, a habanero plant,  and lots of seeds(squash, tomato, Mexican cucumber, bush beans) waiting to show themselves.  My raised beds and my lasagna beds are doing wonderfully.  The soil is so rich and dark with lots of worms.   Unfortunately, my herb beds that I started first, with the asparagus in the middle, are in need of work.  My asparagus is NOT producing at all this year.  Probably because it has been forced out by the green apple mint.  Here’s a TIP:  DON’T PLANT MINT IN ANYTHING BUT A CONTAINER UNLESS YOU WANT IT TO TAKE OVER.  Mint is very invasive.  I think I’m just going to purchase more asparagus crowns and make another bed just for them.  The herbs are all doing GREAT.  

Yesterday I made worm tea from the worm castings in my worm bin.  It is brewing as we speak and I got enough castings to make two more batches.  My plants and trees love this stuff!!!!  And I know where it came from and what it came from, LOL.  The mowing has also started back in earnest.  I love my ride on, but in my garden the tight spaces I have to use the push mower and weed whacker.   Oh my aching shoulders!!!  


Henry waiting to come in