My youngest daughter attends a boarding school named Rabun Gap Nacoochee School. She was persuaded to seek admission by my husband’s visiting cousin in 2009. She is part of the Cirque performance every year so we persuaded Melissa, the cousin from Texas, to come for the performance this year.

Not only did she come for Cirque, she rented a house close to the RGNS campus and invited our whole family up. We had a wonderful time. Melissa is a MARVELOUS cook and made delicious food for all of us all weekend. Then we went exploring the Smoky Mountains on Monday, and on Tuesday I finally had to get back to the “farm” and play catch up to all the chores. My wonderful husband stayed home most of the time to make sure the animals were taken care of, he did come up for the performance, and a dinner or two :-). He doesn’t DO gardening though, so it was up to me to get home and make sure my work so far wasn’t for naught.

Everything was fine, it had rained a lot 3.5 inches while I was gone, so no watering was needed. We’re experiencing the extended winter, much like the rest of the country, only no snow , thank goodness. It seems like we have a couple of days of normal temps and then we go back to really cool days and nights, lots of rain. My peas, garlic, tomato plants, asparagus, strawberries, and herbs are all doing great, but my directly sown seeds are having a hard time getting warm enough to grow. I sure hope it gets warm and stays warm soon.

I’ve been listening to Joel Salatin’s book _Folks, This Just Ain’t Normal_. I love his farming method and am trying to wrap my brain around how I could make it work on my little 3 acres of farmable land. He has tours of his Polyface farm, I’m hoping to make one in the Fall when it’s not so hot. Lots to think about when wondering how to best feed a local market.

After this week of being away, and visiting with relatives, I was wondering how do other small “farmers” out there get away from the farm without worrying about the animals, watering, etc.? It’s a topic we just haven’t found the answer to so far.